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Midterm Review: Single space for IDs. 1820/30s-2890 ideology of domesticity. Middle class ideology can live this. Maternalism: Women moral (ruth block) and try to save prostitutes and irish (stansel) 1. early colonial encounters: native Americans and colonists in VA, English and Irish. -cultural ideal emerged bc new econ structure. Explain both. -imperial and colonial project=England in US. Created 2 forms of racial encounters 1606 settling of Virginia slavery and tobacco on plantations. Taking land from native Americans. Pre American Revolution. Industrial capitalism: 1830s and 40s. mill girls at spinning wheels are what the facotires look like. Smaller than high industrial capitalism in 1880s. -colonial projects in this period: begin Spanish American war. Middle class and working class (working class not living ideology of domesticity)—white, African Americans most live in south on plantations as slaves then sharecropping,
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Unformatted text preview: 1865-1877 open question whether af am were going to become citizens, but then sharecropping kept them down. Middle class women trying to reform racialized others that weer beneath them: talk about white women in san fran but stansels women reforming irish and white social workers in early 1900s (george sanchez). “hegemonic ideal of family”-everyone measured themselves against it. Afam maids worked in middle class homes. But refused to live in house (this work had an end). Working class black women. Ideaology of domesticity=pre 1880 reform efforts. Materialism=progressive attitudes towards reform. Progressive period. State should be a loving mother to citizens. 2. hardening of racism in north to contextualize this event. Black responstablity is same as middle class ideals. Ida b wells run out of Memphis. White masculinity can also be used....
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