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Aggression Virtual Lecture: Fall 2010 We’re having a virtual class today so that you can travel safely to wherever you may be going. This week’s topic is Aggression. I’ve chosen 3 media clips for you to learn more about research on aggression. The first is a radio interview of Brad Bushman (a respected social psychologist who as at UM for a number of years). The second clip is a video of a study conducted by Brad Bushman looking at catharsis theory. The third clip is from Albert Bandura’s classic Bobo doll study. Please watch and listen to the three clips. Complete the following questions to make sure you pulled out the critical information covered in these resources. This *is* testable material. Hand in a paper copy of the completed worksheet to your GSI in person( in section or lecture) the week of Nov. 29-Dec. 3. Completion of this worksheet will serve as your “i-clicker” participation for the Wed., Nov. 24 lecture. Clip #1 Listen to the first 45 minutes of the radio interview and debate between Brad Bushman (misspelled on the video) and Duke Ferris. You can ignore the first couple of minutes of video introduction to this show. I choose this selection because it gives you a sense of the scientific and social discussion about the impact of violent media, particularly violent video game playing. Note that we consider Brad Bushman to be an expert for the purposes of this class and you are responsible for knowing and understanding the points he makes. What are three reasons that playing violent videogames are more likely to promote violent or aggressive behavior than merely watching TV or a movie? Video Games have a stronger affect than TVs and movies.
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Aggression+Worksheet - Aggression Virtual Lecture: Fall...

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