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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Psychological Disorders November...

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Chapter 15: Psychological Dis- orders November 3rd, 2010 Overview defining and diagnosing disorders anxiety disorders mood disorders personality disorders (stems from SEVERE trauma) dissociative identity disorder schizophrenia Mental Disorder any behavior or emotional state that causes a person to suffer, is self-destructive seriously impairs the person’s ability to work or get along with others endangers others or the community Last Exam : chapters 15, 16, & 8 includes: an unquiet mind Dissociative Identity Disorder Case Study: Barb mother of 3, wife initially diagnosed with depression second personality -- 5 year old named Mae, different vision children and husband are aware of Mae Barb has virtually no memories before she had kids uses personality to cope with life expected of her and her reality father was a dentist, mother was a professional “model family” home life was really chaotic, mother denied all the families problems developed an ulcer as a children, had an abortion at 13 (many more followed) father was supposedly sadistic, abused family another personality: teenage girl named DJ -- does not relate to family, different mannerisms than Barb, smokes, emerges when Barb needs to drive because Barb gets nervous has memories that Barb can’t recall -- father used dentist drill to torture family another personality: 7 year old Audrey, also recalls memories of Barb’s past male personality: Devon, a teenage boy -- Barb was a small girl during the abuse and could not defend herself -- believed boys were stronger so she developed male personalities father allowed friends to come and abuse Barb
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created personality to tolerate abuse: Carrie (feels no responsibility to family -- has written $1500 worth of bad checks)
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