Chapter 16

Chapter 16 - Chapter 16: Approaches to Treatment November...

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Chapter 16: Approaches to Treat- ment November 22, 2010 Topic One : Psychopathology (video one) Specialist determine type of mental disease person suffers from (identify the prob- lem) Phobias are exaggerated fears -- agoraphobia, etc. Schizophrenia: delusions of grandeur, breaks from reality, thoughts are unconnec- ted -- a brain disease genetic predispositions make mental disease more likely, but sociocultural influ- ences truly determine if the person will become mentally ill study twins (one with/one without, both have, neither have) -- study brain structure person with schizophrenia will have larger brain ventricles brain weighs 3 pounds Topic Two : Psychotherapy (video two) Includes shock treatment (can kill brain cells -- never return, can lead to memory loss) -- used as a treatment of last resort for bipolar disorder and depression Biomedical approach : psychiatrists, neurologists -- identify diseased parts of brain Psychological approach : behavior can be changed 1950’s: invention of tranquilizing drugs (lithium - bipolar disorder) Disadvantages: overdoses, addiction, hospitals only medicate patients and do not treat them psychodynamic therapy: all behavior driven by inner forces (conflicts, frustrations, etc) ** Freud November 29th, 2010 Videos: Gerald - paranoid schizophrenia, was a cop, kept in a home but visited home Heather - paranoid schizophrenia, erratic thoughts and conversation (some under- standable conversation), currently in a state facility (some like a prison) Psychopharmacology (know each drug with each illness)
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Chapter 16 - Chapter 16: Approaches to Treatment November...

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