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quiz 1 aec 303 2010

quiz 1 aec 303 2010 - Take Home Pop Quiz 1 20 points total...

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Unformatted text preview: Take Home Pop Quiz 1 20 points total. 2'points each. Name Find the derivatives dy/dx for the following functions a y=2 b y=2x c y=3x‘ d y=4x°5 e y—3xO1 f y—Sx “4 g. y=2x2(3x3—4x2) /(zx Held?" “WK; ‘hc X‘l K+‘() h. y=(3x-‘—4x2)/(2x2+4x) 7": 2+ 47‘ \M x ,\ {LAW 6cm. Suppose a parabolic function is given as y=16x—O.4x2 \l/ala —)Z)( 21. Find the value of x that maximizes this function using the first derivative method. b. Show how you would determine for certain if the value of x you found is actually a maximum or a minimum. Use the second derivative test. \/// / . L L g M- Atc, audit . Aflp , . Q 7, b. in? ° A P A? Q ? ? “VAN, : d (35¢MCM150TL’ 33 : ea - Q5 5. ...
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