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Photos Project - Nikki Smith Oct 16 2009 History 2620.006...

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Nikki Smith Oct. 16, 2009 History 2620.006 Photos Project Questions: 1.) Group 10-Transportation: Slide 6 by Brandon Callengeri With the rising popularity of bikes among women, did this cause them to feel more liberated to the them being able to now be able to travel without their husbands? 2.) Group 9-Architecture: Slide 5 by Travis Monk By the design of the New Orleans Union Station being in “Chicago style”, it is noted that Sullivan wanted to bring modernization to the south as it was in the north, was he successful in doing so? 3.) Group 8-Entertainment: Slide 4 by Brian McNeal It is noted that nickelodeons were “a chance for people to dress in their finest clothes”, were nickelodeons only popular among middle class families or did lower/working class families attend them as well? 4.) Group 6-Highbrow Culture: Slide 8 by Alex Humphries Did women of this time, especially those belonging to social clubs, participate in progressive women’s movements as well? 5.) Group 15-Sports: Slide 3 by Addi Walters It is interesting to find an African American on a high school football team in the early 1900s. Was this only among found among northern high school teams?
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Photos Project - Nikki Smith Oct 16 2009 History 2620.006...

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