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source for Assgn 3 - Text p.93102 THE GREEKS ARCHITECTURE...

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Text: p.93-102 THE GREEKS:  ARCHITECTURE, SCULPTURE, PILGRIMAGE   Greek shrines  as sites of pilgrimage to holy places:  Delphi and the  Acropolis in Athens will be studied. Issues surrounding  pilgrimage :  one of the main reasons that ancient  peoples traveled (keep in mind that  travel/tourism  is an eighteenth  century CE invention; for most of history, travel was undertaken only when  necessary) why might travel not have had the same associations during previous eras  that it does today?   FIG. 4.2.  DELPHI, GREECE http://www.utexas.edu/courses/clubmed/92904mapgr.jpg http://iam.classics.unc.edu/loci/map/area_a7_delphi.jpg   Maps Ruins of the theatre and temples at Delphi : http://pictures.galenfrysinger.com/greece/delphi14.jpg http://www.goddess- athena.org/Museum/Sculptures/Group/Siphnian_Treasury_North_Tournaire.jpg http://www.galenfrysinger.com/snaps/greece28.jpg   c. 650 BC: the first  temple of Apollo  was built.  Site  important / sacredness enhanced by the striking location at the top of  Mount  Parnassus Shift to worship of Apollo part of the shift from the matriarchal cultures of  the Middle East to one dominated by  PATRIARCHY Inscriptions of ‘Know thyself’ and ‘Nothing in excess’ corresponded to a  pan-Greek idea of  self-control, order, moderation .
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Delphi owed its international prominence to the famous oracle of the god  Apollo, who foretold the future through his priestess, known as the  Pythia Many visitors from all over the Mediterranean Construction of a  Sacred Way  leading up to the temple   treasuries and monuments placed by various cities FIG. 4.3.  SYPHNIAN TREASURY.  c. 530BCE http://www.goddess- athena.org/Museum/Sculptures/Group/Siphnian_Treasury_East_Tournaire.jpg http://www.utexas.edu/courses/classmyth/images/0008140700.jpg   erected as a tribute by inhabitants of the Greek island of  Syphnos IONIC  style   ‘Ionic’ is one of the  ORDERS OF ARCHITECTURE
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  • Ionic Doric Shaft Capital Fluting Entablature Lintel Frieze Triglyph Metope Cella, SYPHNIAN TREASURY. c., ionic style, TREASURY. c. 530BCE, Entablature Lintel Frieze

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source for Assgn 3 - Text p.93102 THE GREEKS ARCHITECTURE...

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