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Chapter 9_class presentation

Chapter 9_class presentation - Chapter 9 The Concepts of...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 The Concepts of Groups Groups defined "an assemblage of persons who communicate, in order to fulfill a common purpose or achieve a goal" Small groups < 12 people Large groups > 12 people Group Action Benefits Greater commitment to decisions Risky Shift Phenomenon Disadvantages Groupthink PollyannaNietzsche effect Group Operations Norming Storming Conforming Performing Adjourning Norming Orientating aspect of people coming together to start or group or welcoming new people into the group. Group norms rules of group are developed Storming Stage when conflict erupts Primary group tension normal jitters when group first gets together Secondary group tension differences in opinion, time constraints cause stress when making a decision. Conforming Group norms have been established, power roles established Group can go back to storming phase at different times in decisionmaking process and will then work towards conforming. Group Performing Action stage of group process Task dimension decision making Maintenance dimension meeting interpersonal needs of group members Group cohesion interconnectedness of members Adjourning Going out of existence. Advisable to take formal action to bring group to an end after goal has been reached. This way group members will have closure. Class activity Consider a group you have been a member of, what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a member of that group? Making Group Decisions Voting Consensus all Majority at least 50% Plurality most Partofthewhole certain number or % of eligible voters are needed to make change Decisionmaking technique Six Step Standard Agenda Problem Identification Problem Analysis Solution Criteria Solution Suggestions Select Solution Solution Implementation 136 Decision Making Technique Individual Brainstorming Small groups (3) combine lists Subgroups meet with another and combine lists Whole group reassembles. Each subgroup shares list Items are numbered Each person prioritizes entire list, rank order Rankings are collected and tallied Individuals select top choices, then divided into different subgroups to pick best solution Spokespersons report subgroup decision, top choices are then considered by subgroups until one is selected. ...
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