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Unformatted text preview: COMM107 Oral Communication: Principles and Practice Interviews Preinterview Confirm the interview Be there at least 10 minutes early Dress neatly and professionally Know the questions Make sure you don't miss out on important questions Avoid repetitive, leading, yesresponse questions... Ask "why" and "how" questions During the interview Give positive nonverbals/read his/her nonverbals Give the purpose of the interview Tell him/her the findings will be shared in class Opportunity for him/her to share the insights of the career with others During the interview Do not be too casual Probe questions on the spot if necessarily Don't let the interview last too long Acquaintance Good rapport Post interview Review the notes asap Followup questions (within a week) Thank the interviewee Email, card, ecard etc. ...
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  • Fall '08
  • Gardner
  • Semi-structured interview, Documentary film techniques, COMM107 Oral Communication, positive nonverbals/read his/her

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