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Lecture 4...CS 101

Lecture 4...CS 101 - 9 Additional ports can be added to a...

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Lecture 4 1. Mobile computing is a terrific help for…professions that require a lot of travel 2. Currently, cell phones are designed without a hard disk drive 3. Cell phones use ROM to store their operating system 4. The number of songs that can by stored on a personal media player depends on the file format of the song, the sampling rate used when the song was digitized, and the amount of memory on the player. 5. Flash memory is used in PDAs, PMPs, and digital cameras 6. The device that would be best suited to quiet note-taking during a meeting is a tablet using a digital stylus. 7. GPS stands for global positioning system. 8. The Intel Pentium M processor is used only desktop computers.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Additional ports can be added to a notebook only if you have a FireWire port. 10. Portable devices that can provide internet access include tablets, notebooks, PDA’s, and cell phones. 1. Hard disk drives are useful only in desktops, notebooks, and tablet PCs? :: False 2. PMPs with a built in hard drive generally are able to carry more songs than those with flash memory. ::True 3. A Bluetooth-enabled PDA can wirelessly exchange data with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. ::True 4. MMS is short for Multimedia Message Service. ::True 5. Wireless internet access covers the entire United States. ::False...
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