October 19 class notes

October 19 class notes - October 19, 2010 Frederick S....

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October 19, 2010 Frederick S. Tipson, Director of UNDP Washington Liasion Office – coming to class on Thursday Identity Politics The Ethnic State When openly ethnic political parties help avert conflict The argument: o Ex: South Africa Ethnic Parties in South Africa One of the most interesting cases The constitution does not forbid ethnic parties to be formed along ethnic lines o Very rare for Africa IFP led by Buthelezi (Zulu) The Nationalist Party (NP) – white, which became the New Nationalist Party under F. De Klerk in 1997 in an attempt to distance itself from its Apartheid past and ultimately disbanded and merged into the ANC in 2005 o Peter Bothe The ANC (broader appeal: Zulu, Coloured, Indian, White) – led by Mandela and now President Zuma o African National Congress o In the context of South Africa, ‘coloured’ means mixed races – could be a combo of white, Indian, African, etc An Ethnic Conflict of a Different Kind The IFP’s appeal is only to the Zulu in KwaZulu-Natal and consequently, it can only survive as a regional party This has resulted in sometimes violent rivalries with Zulu ANC members Thus the conflict in KwaZulu-Natal is a conflict with the same ethnic
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October 19 class notes - October 19, 2010 Frederick S....

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