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October 26 class notes

October 26 class notes - Names associated with big ideas 2...

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October 26, 2010 Names associated with big ideas – 2 names No specific dates Focus on concepts Nothing on Dead Aid Focus on the readings that complement the class lectures (Not on the exam on Thursday) Conceptualizing Class in Africa The complexity of the African case requires moving beyond Marx and embracing Weber’s concept of status as a determinant of social class Social Classes in Africa The peasantry o The peasantry constitutes the masses in African societies; not a proletariat o They are mostly small-scale farmers whose production is primarily for self-subsistence o In accordance to African traditions, they usually have free access to land o In modern Africa, it is not uncommon to see some peasants seek additional income by selling their labor and growing cash crops, giving thus birth to the concept of ‘peasantariat’ The proletariat o Low levels of industrialization in Africa cannot support a majority working class among Africa’s population o
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