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Answers to your questions 02/08/10: Administrative questions 1. Will worksheets always be TF questions? Yes. 2. Can we take this paper home to write questions that come up while studying? Yes. Good idea. 3. Can we go over more examples in class? I will try to find the balance. But we have to cover necessary materials. 4. Can we have more days like last Friday that are dedicated to going over example/practice problems? Thanks for the suggestion. Please see above answer. 5. Will the quiz be based off today’s and Wednesday’s lecture? Today’s. 6. Make transitions between topics more obvious. Will think about it. 7. I will post the solution of review for 1.6 and 2.1 on Wednesday. 8. I will see if May can post the solutions of the quizzes. 9. I will post a practice final exam before the final. 10. Is the final similar to homework & quizzes? Are there a lot of proofs to demonstrate? The final problems will be similar to quizzes. Use homework, quizzes and in-class examples to prepare. There will be a certain amount of proofs. 11. Is there any way I can improve my sills or understand the proofs? The skill of proofs is obtained by accumulation of knowledge and experience. So now the only thing you can do is to practice. Feel free to come by my office to discuss with me. 12. Can we go over some proofs or examples similar to the homework? Yes. See 3. May will also go over the homework solutions when the homework is due. 13. Let’s try 25 minutes for the quiz. Questions on general topics 14. How is matrix representation different from change of basis? Good question. When you transform a vector based on beta to a vector based on gama, you are
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100208 - Answers to your questions 02/08/10: Administrative...

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