Accounting final - ACC 2013 FINAL EXAM TOPICS IMPORTANT Topic areas not listed below will not be covered Some of this material was taken from

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ACC 2013 FINAL EXAM TOPICS IMPORTANT: Topic areas not listed below will not be covered . Some of this material was taken from another book to give you an assessment of your accounting knowledge) You should feel comfortable with these exercises, the boot camp materials from Chapters 9-11, and the final project. Do a little a day to assess your skills. At this point, you should be able to do these exercises WITHOUT books or notes. So to best utilize these materials, fill out as much as you know BEFORE watching the video, watch the video early, then put the material away until the Thursday or Friday before the FINAL and then re-do this assessment and see how if you can do this on your own Final Exam Boot Camp REVIEW TOPICS (in order of text presentation): CH 1 basic accounting model, accounting equation, and financial statements CH 2 transactions; double entry system; journals/ledgers CH 3 basic income statement preparation Chapters 1-3 Building Blocks covered throughout the semester. This is covered by the other chapters. Also, the projects reinforce these concepts. CH 4 adjusting/closing entries; financial statements CH 6 reconciliation of the cash account CH 6 sales and purchases of inventory(use perpetual method), discounts CH 7 inventory costing – LIFO / FIFO / Weighted Avg. CH 8 accounts receivable and uncollectibles including allowance method (% of sales & aging of accts. Receivable), specific customer account write-offs CH 9 depreciation methods for plant assets; disposal CH 10 long-term bonds: issue of bonds; interest expense and amortization of premiums/discounts using effective rate interest method. Also: Appendix C – time value of money applications CH 11 Issuing common and preferred stock; treasury stock transactions; cash dividends; stock dividends and stock splits Additional guidance: The topics and pages above provide a complete list of those areas that may be covered on the review portion of the final exam. About 90-100 points of the final’s 150 points will be dedicated to the above topics. Approximately 50-60 points will be on CH 12: Statement of Cash Flows Acc 2013 Final Exam Boot Camp Page 1
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Chapter 4 Adjusting entries. Purpose of adjusting entries:______________________________________________________ Each adjusting entry involves _______________________or_____________________________ One Account not used___________________________________________________ Record the adjusting entries for ABC Company for the year ended December 31, 2005. 1. ABC began the year with $100 in “Supplies”. During the year, they purchased $1,000 in supplies but recorded the costs in “Supplies Expense”. At the end of the year, ABC does a physical inventory of supplies and discovers they have $200 in supplies on hand. 2.
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Accounting final - ACC 2013 FINAL EXAM TOPICS IMPORTANT Topic areas not listed below will not be covered Some of this material was taken from

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