IPE 1013-Final - Question 1-Kelley 1 The year is 2027. I...

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Question 1-Kelley 1 The year is 2027. I have been working as a chemical engineer for about sixteen years. My job consists of working with an energy company in a research department developing and improving various renewable and eco-efficient fuels. Oil peaked worldwide quite a few years ago, which led to a sharp increase in oil and gasoline prices (Heinberg 18). The economical reason drove many people away from gasoline and towards alternative fuels, but others also figured out that fossil fuels are an extremely polluting fuel source. All the carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and various volatile organic compounds being emitted finally got to them, and they decided that there are cleaner alternatives available (Alvord 65). Alternative fuels such as cellulosic ethanol are the current trend now, but the real change needs to be in reducing sprawl and more public transportation. This will ultimately save money for the consumer and be more helpful to the environment because there are fewer vehicles on the roads, but for now the consumers want to keep their cars (Alvord 165-166). I live in a condo in a fairly large city in Texas or California. The cost of ethanol is fairly cheap since it is primarily produced from the waste of various industries, including the logging, mill, and agricultural industries (“Biomass Feedstocks”). This allows my family to own one car which my wife takes to work. I generally carpool with a group of co-workers that live in the same area. We all pay a little for fuel, but it is generally cheaper than owning our own car (Alvord 171) and it reduces our ecological footprint
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IPE 1013-Final - Question 1-Kelley 1 The year is 2027. I...

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