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Unformatted text preview: X ©MEGAVIDED — I'm watching it X @Cours: Here: Search Result X C UVA :- ECON 202 :2 testi‘: :F 0' G)mmourseherosomffile!72974ftest2507f 7k K I econ162 topic12 ' Benoeley - EOON - use The fitness :1: 90210 Full Episodes — enis. my ‘ ' | Your Name Econ 202, Second Test, spring 2007 19:: :“m D 5"“ TA‘s Name_— M. Coppockrlwss Hastedt kgwflm, m Discussion Day 8: Time 90 Points Possible (12 questions} Mums-a F“. eonn162 topic“ 1. {10 points) You work in the loan department at aJnTrust Bank in m'mm'” “mm” G1ar|otte9rrille. The owner of Bodo's comes in and borrows $5,000 for one PM mm D 5F“?- year, at an interest rate of 6% Over the course oi the same year, inflation eoon16210pi0069 ' increasest010% m.m~.m mam Pmr Mad-mm D Sm: A. Mat isthe real interest rate on the loan to Bodo‘ s? B. Which side of the loan arrangement benefitsfrem this increase in inflation? Who is harmed? Information about Imam-r- ...
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