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Screen shot 2011-01-17 at 9.53.32 PM - Sales(Inst of Bonds...

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Unformatted text preview: Sales (Inst of Bonds Said Gm“ Pram Sclllng. General. 3: Adminisualiw Expense Depledaflcm (harming Pmfll [mm-n Expan- NawOpuaflng Wm: Pm): Imam Tali] IIIDDI'IIE Tues Na [me 27. Pier 1’5 Accomls Receivable Perind (Days sales numnding) [DrZEIJZ is: a. tmdays I}. 253.5days c. Budays a, Lurhys c. 2.165%}: lnfoll'nah'nn mt 'COMM 1mTast II Spy WV'I' ANNUAL INCOME STATEMENT (s MILLIONS. mean rm SHARE) hbckhcardfifi'l w I 0mm x mm VIE-ELM COMMUWT‘ION Piaf: mm C. WIII grading Gum ImMM 21m “SLIM. COMMUNICATION Piaf: sum 6. Elli-I] Org 00mm Study G... meM .2600.- OWMMLMMM .. MM F‘ Massarlficnfi cum-mumnm‘ “sum mummmu me: mm .2. 5pm ...
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