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COMMERCE 290 HOMEWORK #2 Complete by: September 30, 2010 This homework is for practice only and is NOT to be handed in. However, students should have completed this by the date indicated above Note: As you know from the course outline, some homework assignments are completed individually and others are completed in groups. This homework is to be completed by individual students only . Students are reminded not to work in groups, not to discuss your homework with others and this includes using the Course Discussion Forum as a means of communication for this homework. This is NOT a group work homework. DIRECTIONS: 1. For Problem #1, write all your answers in the indicated spaces and show all work on this paper. No additional pages will be accepted. For Problem #2 and 3, please staple the pages to the end of Problem #1. 2. Show all work on this homework paper. No credit for answers only! 3. Be sure to include your units in each answer. Last Name: First Name: Student Number: Signature: Excel Lab Number: Problem Maximum Possible Marks Awarded 13 7 24 3 31 0 Total 90
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Page 2 of 8 Problem 1 (37 marks) Save-On Taxes is a Vancouver firm specializing in preparing Canadian Income Tax forms for their individual and corporate clients. Save-On processes only two types of income tax returns; the T-1 Return for individual clients and the Corporate Return for corporate clients. Each return, whether it is a T-1 or a Corporate Return, is checked by three separate departments within Save-On Tax. These departments are called the Deductions, Income and Arithmetic departments and have respectively 1,168 hours, 952 hours and 362 hours of labour hours available each processing cycle. Returns not completed during one processing cycle are completed during the next processing
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comm290 - COMMERCE 290 HOMEWORK#2 Complete by This homework...

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