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Page 1 of 1 COMMERCE 290 Homework #5 Complete by: November 12, 2010 This homework is for practice only and is NOT to be handed in. However, students should have completed this by the date indicated above Note: As you know from the course outline, some homework assignments are completed individually and others are completed in groups. This homework is to be completed by individual students only . Students are reminded not to work in groups, not to discuss your homework with others and this includes using the Course Discussion Forum as a means of communication for this homework. This is NOT a group work homework. QUESTION 1 (35 marks) Do SMA Textbook Problem 53, (Chapter 4). (a) Set up the above problem in Excel using the style that we used in class. Make sure that your spreadsheet model is logical, well organized and easy to understand. Solve the problem using Solver. (b) Print out your Excel Model on 1 page, which must include Row and Column Headings, no gridlines and the Solver Parameters Dialogue Box.
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Unformatted text preview: (c) Be sure to include a text box appropriately placed on this model page which contains a brief write up summarizing the shipping plan and the cost of this plan. (d) The current maximum sulfur content is 3.5%.On a separate worksheet, use SolverTable (with increments of 0.001) to determine how much larger this number could be before Total Cost no longer decreases. On this sheet, include a text box which clearly answers this question and indicates the new Total Cost at this level. QUESTION 2 (15 marks) Do the problems identified below from the QMB Textbook. Type your formulas, work and answers on an Excel worksheet and submit a one page printout of your work. Format your numbers as fractions if appropriate. (a) Do problem 2.16 from the QMB Textbook (page 55) (b) Do problem 2.24 from the QMB Textbook (page 57). {Hint: P(Fatality|Small car) = 0.128)}...
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