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General format of the Written Midterm Exam: (31.5%) * about 3 or 4 questions, some with multiple parts (part (a) (b) etc) * some questions similar to what appeared on homeworks * short answer, building algebraic and excel models, sensitivity analysis General format of the Excel Computer Quiz : (3.5%) * you will open a file with a story and have 50 minutes to complete the Excel exam. * the problem you will see will be very similar to one of the many models we studied so far this year ( eg: Par Golf, Egg Diet, Textile Mills, Powerco, Ladner, Leekey, etc.) * The Excel Exam will have three parts (a), (b) and (c). In Part (a) you will build a model based on the story. After part (a) is complete, you will copy
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Unformatted text preview: your model to a second worksheet, Part (b), where you will be asked to make small changes to your model to incorporate the new information supplied. You then will repeat that process for Part (c). * You cannot study for this Excel exam; you either know how to set up a model and solve or you don’t . At the time of the exam, you will have been practicing these Excel skills for 6 weeks. The expectation is that you are very good now. In past years, students have done very well on this type of exam. * Solver Table: You will NOT have to create a Solver Table Other information, such as which rooms you write in and Extra Midterm Office Hours, will be posted next week....
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