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page 6 - (4 marks For this question only suppose the...

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Unformatted text preview: (4 marks) For this question only, suppose the company is thinking of producing only one product; either the Cell phone or the Standard phone but definitely not both. This ' means, for example, that all the existing requirements for Standard phones would not apply if they produced only Cell phones and all the existing requirements for Cell phones would not apply if they produced only Standard phones. if they went ahead with this "one product only" plan, (I) What is the maximum number of Cell phones they could produce? Standard phones? 561“. a View 5 s+a v», 4W L (”my 10 C 127 S C f WC 5 i 72o ‘1 5 4—00 ‘ $532.00 32 50 C 3 O / 5 a; no / Ofé,§-_l80 ‘ 1- 30:55:40 / (item: 1900 / Mom) 2 logo (ii) Which phone type should they produce? Circle the correct answer and explain. Cell pho / Standard phone Explain: / W002 profit Please do not write below this line Page 6 of 13 ...
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