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1 ATOC/ASEN 5235: Introduction to Radiative Transfer and Remote Sensing Fall 2010 Course Goals This class will discuss basic concepts of radiative transfer, and application of these concepts to remote sensing problems. The goal is to survey some fundamental principles upon which remote sensing techniques are based, and to examine different types of remote measurements. We will discuss ways in which radiation interacts with matter, including absorption, scattering, and emission. We will also discuss how these modes of interaction are utilized in specific remote sensing experiments, focusing primarily on satellite observations of the Earth's atmosphere. Throughout the course, you will apply these concepts to analyses of remote sensing data. You will emerge from this class with the knowledge and tools required to begin new remote sensing investigations. Contact Information and Office Hours Professor: Cora Randall ( ) Classroom: Duane Physics Room E126 Class Time: Tues/Thurs 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Class web site: Office Hours: Immediately after class and Wed 2:30 – 3:30 PM, or by appointment Office: Duane Physics D249 Email: Phone: 303-492-8208 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this class. You may contact me via email, or by calling my office phone number. You’ll probably have better luck reaching me via email since I often work off-campus. Class web site ( ) The class web site contains important information about the class, and you are urged to check this site regularly (at least once per week). All of the lecture notes will be posted to the class web site. Downloadable homework assignments (and solutions) will also be posted. Textbook and Required Materials The required textbook for this class is A First Course in Atmospheric Radiation , by Grant W. Petty. Make sure you get the second edition. Optional Supplemental Reading: Radiative Transfer in the Atmosphere and Ocean , G.E. Thomas and K. Stamnes An Introduction to Atmospheric Radiation , K.N. Liou Remote Sensing of the Lower Atmosphere , G.L. Stephens Fundamentals of Atmospheric Radiation , C.F. Bohren and E.E. Clothiaux Interactive Data Language (IDL): Homework assignments and the final project will require data analysis software. It is required that you use IDL (Interactive Data Language) for this course, even if you already know another
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2 software package such as Matlab. If you do not already have access to IDL, you can purchase it from the CU bookstore. It is also available on computers in the ATOC computer lab. A good introduction to IDL is:
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syllabus - ATOC/ASEN 5235: Introduction to Radiative...

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