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1 Homework Problem Set #6 ATOC/ASEN 5235, Fall 2010 Due Thursday, 4 November 1. 10 points. Petty 11.4. Explain how the presence of non-absorbing, scattering aerosols (e.g., haze) would be expected to visibly affect both (a) the color of the sky and (b) the angular dependence of the intensity of scattered sunlight. Answer : (a) Because of the strong dependence of molecular scattering on wavelength, we expect the aerosol-free atmosphere to scatter short wavelengths much more readily than long wavelengths. This disparity is why a clear sky (not too close to the sun) is deep blue. Typical aerosols, on the other hand, scatter all wavelengths fairly equally. Therefore, the addition of non-absorbing aerosols (i.e, haze) to the atmosphere tends to wash out the blue color and instead add a whitish hue. (b) Because molecules are Rayleigh scatterers of visible radiation, there is no strong forward peak to the phase function. Rather, the intensity of scattered radiation is only weakly dependent on the direction in which you're looking. Thus, when the sky is deep blue, indicating a relative lack of other scatterers, you can cover the sun with your hand and see very little brightening of the sky even relatively close to the sun's disk. On a hazy day, however, the portion of the sky within several degrees of the sun will be considerably brighter than it is in directions away from the sun, and it will be hard to look in that direction even with the sun's disk blocked. 2. 5 points. Petty 12.3. Visible radiation spans the wavelength range from 0.4 μ m to 0.7 μ m. Assuming that atmospheric aerosols have approximately the same refractive index m as that used to produce
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homework6_answers - Homework Problem Set#6 ATOC/ASEN 5235...

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