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IDL Problem #1 Due Thursday, 2 September Please staple all pages together!! Write an IDL code to plot a line with y-intercept of +2 and slope of -3.5. Your plot should have the following characteristics: Horizontal axis should range exactly from -10 to 10. Vertical axis should range exactly from -40 to 40. Labels on each axis. Title at the top. Large characters. Thick lines for the line and for the axes. Somewhere near the line add the text “This is a line”. Please include your code as well as your plot when you turn this in. If you have never used IDL before, see the homework link on the web page for some IDL
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Unformatted text preview: resources. Also, feel free to contact me for extra help. If you print your plots to a postscript file (I usually do, using the set_plot, ‘ps’ command), you will likely find it valuable to download ghostview software from . This will allow you to view your postscript file – you can then simply copy/paste your plots into other files such as Word documents or Powerpoint presentations. For reference, this is an example of what your plot should look like:...
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