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;Reproduce Petty Figure 4.5. ; ;Program to reproduce Figure 4.5 in the text. thetai=findgen(91) ;0-90 degrees in 1-degree increments t thetairad=thetai*!pi/180. ;convert to radians t m = n2/n1 m thetatrad=asin(sin(thetairad)*n1/n2) thetat=thetatrad*180./!pi t rp = ((cos(thetatrad) - m*cos(thetairad))/(cos(thetatrad)+m*cos(thetairad)))^2.0 r rs = ((cos(thetairad) - m*cos(thetatrad))/(cos(thetairad) + m*cos(thetatrad)))^2.0 r set_plot,'ps' device,/bold !x.title='[deg.]' !y.title='Reflectivity [%]' plot,thetai,100.*rp,thick=3,xrange=[0,90],yrange=[0,100] oplot,thetai,100.*rs,line=1,thick=3
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Unformatted text preview: plots,[40,52],[90,90],line=0,thick=3 plots,[40,52],[80,80],line=1,thick=3 xyouts,38,88,'Vertical Pol.',charsize=1.5,alignment=1.0 xyouts,38,78,'Horzontal Pol.',charsize=1.5,alignment=1.0 x ;plot the theta_sub_B xyouts,53,20,'!mq!x!dB!n',alignment=0.5,charsize=1.7 ;this is for !p.font=0 ;xyouts,53,20,'!4h!x!dB!n',alignment=0.5,charsize=1.7 ;this if for !p.font=-1, the default t ;Plot the arrow ;Note: !95!3 will print out an arrow if !p.font=-1, but not for !p.font=0 !p.font=-1 xyouts,53,2,'!95!3',charsize=5,alignment=0.5,charthick=5 x device,/close set_plot,'win' s end...
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