IDL4_mix - ; - Show how the vertical...

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; -- Show how the vertical distribution of ozone changes from Aug through Oct ; in the SH and from Feb through April in the NH ; ;Plot out monthly average ozone mixing ratio ; restore,'cat_poam3_v4.0.2000' restore,'o3_poam3_v4.0.2000' r nz=n_elements(altitude) ;# elements in the altitude array. n ;FIRST DO SH date1=[20000801,20000901,20001001] ;starting date for the averages date2=[20000831,20000930,20001031] ;ending date for the averages month_sh=['AUG','SEP','OCT'] ;will use to label the plots nprof=n_elements(date1) ;number of profiles we'll calculate and plot n avg=fltarr(nprof,nz)-99 ;initialize the array that will hold the average profiles a ;Calculate the average profiles for i=0,nprof-1 do begin ;loop over months for j=0,nz-1 do begin ;loop over altitudes ;Define the good points at altitude j: x=wherE(latitude lt 0 and date ge date1(i) and date le date2(i) $ and mix(*,j) ne -99 and mask(*,j) ne -99 and err(*,j) lt 100,nx) if nx gt 2 then avg(i,j)=total(mix(x,j))/nx endfor
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IDL4_mix - ; - Show how the vertical...

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