IDL8 - xyouts,0.025,20!mt!x = 10,charsize=1.8,color=3...

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; ; ;plot out the weighting function for different optical depths ;W(z) = (m tau* / H) exp(-z/H) exp[-m tau* exp(-z/H)] ; m = 1 for nadir ; m=1.0 ;(zenith) tau=[1,10,100] ;total atmosphere optical depth H=8. ;scale height (km) H z=findgen(50) z w=fltarr(3,50) for i=0,2 do begin sc=m*tau(i)/h ;units are km^(-1) ww=sc*exp(-1.0*z/H)*exp(-1.0*m*tau(i)*exp(-1.0*z/H)) w(i,*)=ww ;units are km^(-1) endfor e set_plot,'ps' device,/bold device,/color,bits_per_pixel=8 restore,'c:\idl_cora\c11.tbl' tvlct,c1,c2,c3 t !p.font=0 !p.thick=3 !p.charsize=1.8 !y.thick=3 !x.thick=3 ! !x.range=[0,1.2] !x.range=[0,max(w)] !x.title='W (km!u-1!n)' ! !y.title='Altitude (km)' !y.range=[0,50] ! plot,w(0,*),z,/nodata,subtitle='Transmission Weighting Functions', $ title='W = dT/dz' t oplot,w(0,*),z,thick=6,color=11 oplot,w(1,*),z,thick=6,color=3 oplot,w(2,*),z,thick=6,color=6 o xyouts,0.025,38,'!mt!x* = 100',charsize=1.8,color=6
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Unformatted text preview: xyouts,0.025,20,'!mt!x* = 10',charsize=1.8,color=3 xyouts,0.025,2,'!mt!x* = 1',charsize=1.8,color=11 x ;calculate the altitude at the weighting function maximum print,' ' print,' Tau Altitude of Max' for i=0,2 do begin x=wherE(w(i,*) eq max(w(i,*))) print,tau(i),' ',z(x(0)) endfor print,' ' p device,/close set_plot,'win' s end e ;The code will print: ; Tau Altitude of Max ; 1 0.000000 ; 10 18.0000 ; 100 37.0000 ; ;The altitude at maximum W, zmax, which is obtained by using dW/dz = 0, ;is given by: tau* exp(-zmax/H) = 1 (for m=1) (see Petty eq. 7.60). ;Thus: zmax = H ln(tau*) ;0 km (tau*=1), 18.4 km (tau*=10), 36.8 km (tau*=100) ;The IDL values were constrained to integer altitudes since z ;was defined in 1-km increment...
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  • Height, Tau Altitude, /nodata,subtitle='Transmission Weighting Functions, weighting function maximum, different optical depths

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IDL8 - xyouts,0.025,20!mt!x = 10,charsize=1.8,color=3...

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