IDL9 - ; ; ;First define the data for 1 October...

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Unformatted text preview: ; ; ;First define the data for 1 October from both POAM and MLS restore,'cat_poam3_v4.0.2005' restore,'o3_poam3_v4.0.2005' bad=where(mix eq -99 or mask eq -99 or err gt 200) ;find bad values mix=1.e6*mix ;convert mixing ratio to ppmv mix(bad)=-99 ;set bad data to -99 good=where(date ge 20051001 and date le 20051004) pid=id(good) plat=latitude(good) plon=longitude(good) pdate=date(good) ptime=time(good) pmix=mix(good,*) palt=altitude p restore,'cat_mls_20051001.sav' restore,'o3_mls_20051001.sav' ;Define the arrays that will hold all four days of data: mid=id mlat=latitude mlon=longitude mtime=time mmix=mix mmask=mask merr=err malt=altitude n=n_elements(mlat) date=strarr(n) date(*)='20051001' mdate=date m ;Now add on the other 3 days of data for i=1,3 do begin yyyymmdd=strcompress(20051001+i,/remove_all) restore,'cat_mls_'+yyyymmdd+'.sav' restore,'o3_mls_'+yyyymmdd+'.sav' mlat=[mlat,latitude] ;concatenate the newly restored arrays with the previously restored arrays. ;define the date array as above mid=[mid,id] mlon=[mlon,longitude] mtime=[mtime,time] mmix=[mmix,mix] mmask=[mmask,mask] merr=[merr,err] n=n_elements(latitude) date=strarr(n)...
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IDL9 - ; ; ;First define the data for 1 October...

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