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Evan Kelley ENGL1213-039 Dr. Shearer 1 February 2008 Microtheme 1 Final Draft Racism is an extremely touchy subject to talk about. One minute something is said that could be perceived as racist, and the next minute that person is out of a job and facing countless verbal beatings by members of the offended race. This same scenario has happened numerous times to members of the media, especially those in the sports analyst area. Journalists, analysts, newscasters, and other members of the media should not be fired for saying racist remarks. There are several cases where sports analysts have been hassled by saying some slightly biased sounding remarks. Generally, these remarks are said without prior thought to the repercussions they may present. One recent example involves TV golf analyst Kelly Tilghman. She was talking with a fellow analyst when Tilghman jokingly suggested one way for younger players in the Mercedes-Benz Championship to overcome the challenge known as Tiger Woods would be to “lynch him in a back alley.” This was obviously not meant to be racist or harmful in any way. Tilghman apologized to Woods and viewers shortly after making the statement (Best- Golf), and Woods has specifically said that Tilghman is a friend of his and that it is not an issue (Dahlberg). In this case, the whole issue got blown out of proportion. Tilghman did say these things and admitted to saying it and apologized. Four days after the statement was made Golfweek magazine came out with an issue that showed a picture of a noose with the headline “Caught in a Noose.” The next day Tilghman was suspended for two weeks from the Golf Channel (Best-Golfweek). She should not have been suspended at all. Tilghman is a close
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Microtheme 1 - Kelley 1 Evan Kelley ENGL1213-039 Dr....

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