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Kelley 1 Evan Kelley ENGL1113-099 Dr. Shearer December 12, 2007 Persuasive Essay Final Draft Fossil fuels are the king of all energy sources. They are used to power cars in the form of diesel and gasoline. Coal and natural gas also power electric plants and are used in homes for heating. These substances have been used for decades and there is still plenty of coal (“Recoverable Coal Reserves”), petroleum (“U.S. Crude Oil Proved”), and natural gas (“U.S. Natural Gas Reserves”) to last for a great amount of time. The problem is not with the availability but with the combustion of these resources. When gasoline and diesel are ignited a huge amount of deadly chemicals are released into the air, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. These chemicals cause smog and have been found to be a major component in anthropogenic global warming. Coal and natural gas powered electric plants present even more problems. Natural gas produces many of the same gaseous emissions as gasoline. Coal is where the major problem lies. These plants produce the same gaseous emissions, but there is another substance that makes these plants especially harmful. Coal fired plants emit very fine particulate matter. This, when breathed in, is found to reduce lung capacity and has been known to be carcinogenic (Calopedis, Lindstrom, and McArdle). A huge percentage of power plants in the United States are coal fired, so this is a major problem. There are ideas in the world that provide a positive outlook for the future and are much healthier alternatives to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels and other various hydrocarbons are definitely not the way of the future. The fuels of the future lie in other alternatives. These alternatives include biofuels, solar and wind power, and hydrogen as fuel. Biofuels, particularly ethanol, are an alternative to gasoline and diesel. They are made from plant material and are much more environmentally sound than
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Kelley 2 gasoline and diesel. Solar and wind power are possible replacements for coal and natural gas fired electric plants. They do not pollute at all and still produce electricity. Hydrogen is the fuel of the future. It will eventually replace biofuels as fuel for cars and other modes of transportation. Hydrogen also does not pollute as gasoline and diesel both do. These alternatives are a few plausible options for the replacement of the United States’ energy sources. There are a few sources that state ethanol is not a beneficial fuel source when compared to gasoline. They say that ethanol is made from corn and grain which requires land to grow. Their problem with the land is that it will take up space for crops that are needed as food. This is a valid concern, but according to the U.S. Department of Energy cellulosic ethanol is an option that cancels this concern completely. Cellulosic ethanol is made from any type of biomass, be it corn husks or scraps from the forest industry, meaning that the husks stripped from a crop used for food can be used for energy instead of trashed (“Cellulosic Ethanol Research”). Many
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Persuasive Essay - Kelley 1 Evan Kelley ENGL1113-099 Dr....

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