JK Furniture Practice Set - Chart of Accounts

JK Furniture Practice Set - Chart of Accounts - 505 Co st o...

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CHART OF A CCO U NTS ASSETS REVENU ES Current Assets 10 1 C ash 1 05 Petty Cash 112 Ac c ounts Receiv a ble 113 Allowance f or Doubt f ul A cc oun t s 115 Notes Rec e ivable 118 Interest Receivable 119 Other Receivables 1 2 0 Merchandis e Inventory 125 Office Supplies 1 27 Store Supplies 1 3 0 Prepaid In s urance Property, Plant and Equipment 140 Land 145 Building s 146 Accumula t ed Deprecia t ion-Buil d ings 1 5 1 Office Equipmen t 152 A c cumula t ed Depreciation - Offi c e Equipme n t 16 3 Delive r y Trucks 164 Accumula te d Depre c iation - D e livery T rucks LIABILITIES Current Liabilities 200 Notes Payable 2 0 1 Ac c ounts Payable 212 Salaries Pay a ble 214 FICA Taxes Payable 216 Federal Income Tax Wi t hholdin g Payable 224 Federal Unemployment Tax P a yable 226 State Un e mployment Tax P a yable 230 Interest Payable 240 Spendacard Payable Long-term Debt 27 5 Mortgage P a yable OWNER'S EQUITY 30 1 Common Stock 3 0 2 R e t a i n e d E a r n i n g s 3 0 6 D i v i d e n d s
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40 1 S ales 4 12 Sales Re t ur ns an d All o w ances 41 4 Sales D i scounts COST OF GOODS SOLD
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Unformatted text preview: 505 Co st o f G o o ds Sold SELLING E XPE N SES 6 10 Adv ertis i ng Exp e nse 6 12 Bad D ebt E xp en se 6 1 3 C re dit Ca r d Ex p ense 6 17 Dep recia ti on E x pe nse-De liv e r y Trucks 62 4 Re pair s and M a i ntena n ce-De li very Truc k s 62 6 Store S a lar ie s Ex p ense 6 29 St o re S u pplies E x pense ADMINISTRATIV E EXP EN S E S 7 1 3 D e p r e c i a t i o n E x p e n s e-Bu ild i ngs 7 15 Depre c ia t i o n E x p en se-O ffic e Eq ui pment 7 2 2 In s ur ance Exp e ns e 727 O ffic e Sala ri es Expense 72 8 O ffice Supp l ies E xpen s e 7 30 Payr o ll Tax es E x pe n s e 732 U ti l i t ie s Expense 7 3 5 Mi sce l laneous Expense OTHER REVENU E S AND GAINS 81 2 Gain on Di sp o sa l of Tr uck 8 2 0 I nte r est Re ve nu e OTHER EXPENSES AND LOSS E S 9 5 I n ter est E xp e nse...
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JK Furniture Practice Set - Chart of Accounts - 505 Co st o...

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