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Kelley 1 Evan Kelley ENGL1213-039 Dr. Shearer 12 March 2008 Final Draft Violent Video Games DO Kill People…In the Game Adolescents and teenagers are prone to aggressive behavior. This is because they are trying to become the dominant figure on the “playground” or impress a certain peer group (http://, paragraph 9). Sometimes this goes a little far and ends up in a fight or other sort of harmful action. In years past, people were quick to point out that it was just a part of growing up, but recently the finger has been pointed directly at video games. These “experts” especially use the school shootings that have recently occurred as their prime examples. They say that violent video games are the cause of violence in schools. If this was the case, then school shootings and other harmful events would be taking place all over the world. Take the case of the online shooting game, “Counter Strike”. It is the number one online first person shooter in terms of sales and number of players. At 1:30 PM on September 18, 2004, approximately 94,964 players were logged onto the official online multiplayer server Steam ( In one year 10,950 physical attacks with a weapon were recorded (, table 3). This is not only shootings but also includes anything that can be considered a weapon. Weapons can range from a knife to a pair of steel toed boots or even a book in the right scenario. The ratio of players on a supposedly “evil” game at one instance to weapon attacks in schools in one year is 9:1. That is a huge ratio, and it does not even take into account the millions gamers not online during the sample period. It is absolutely absurd for people to make a connection between violent video games and school violence. If there was a correlation, then the number of shootings should rise at the same rate the “harmful” games are
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Kelley 2 sold and played. This should equate to millions of shootings each year. Another factor that should be taken into consideration is a child’s family. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, a child’s household and peer group is also a major contributor to violent behavior (, box 4-1). The video game industry is not to blame for violence among children but, if a study exists that proves video games cause violence, then other forms of entertainment, such as music and movies, should be punished in an equal manner. Sexual and provocative scenes have been increasing in video games through the years, and many of the same people that pin teen violence on video games also attach an increase in teen sexual activity on video games. If these people are true, then there would not be an eight percent decrease in females and a twelve percent decrease in males taking part in sexual activity
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Definition Essay - Kelley 1 Evan Kelley ENGL1213-039 Dr....

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