America and europe separate el fayum egypt 30 40 mya

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Unformatted text preview: lobal forest cover N. America and Europe separate El Fayum, Egypt 30-40 mya this was a lush forest Aegyptopithecus Photo credits: and 3 IB35ac fall 2009, class #2 Things start to get really exciting Miocene (23-5mya ) Temp warmer in early part, tropical forest in much of middle latitudes 17-16 mya global temp cools, woodlands cools woodlands, bushlands, and savannas spread Africa connected to Eurasia & animals migrated both ways The age of the -pithecus Scotese, C.R., 2002,, (PALEOMAP website). Europe Dryopithecus Oreopithecus Ouranopithecus Ankarapithecus p Sivapithecus Lufengpithecus Griphopithecus Grecopithecus Gigantopithecus Asia 4 IB35ac fall 2009, class #2 ->Early genus of primates during Miocene Epoch ->Restricted to Africa ->Mixture of Old World monkey and ape characteristcs ->Before split of apes and Old World monkeys Africa: Proconsul Miocene Old World Primates present monkeys time apes 20 myr Climate changes Jay Matterness, 1991 (American Museum Natural History) Old World monkeys and apes split about 25mya ->Apes Dominate: Warmer ->Monkeys Dominate: Cooler *Tell bipedal or not by looking at angle of femur \ / - Bipedal l l - Not Bipedal ->Found in Ethiopia ->Considered a pro...
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