E lies on human branch lived during the pliocene

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Unformatted text preview: to-human, i.e. lies on human branch ->Lived during the Pliocene ->Bipedal ->No honing complex The Earliest Hominids gibbons orangutans gorillas chimpanzees bonobos humans Ardipithecus 4.5 6 mya Hominids: When humans branched off from chimpanzees 5 IB35ac fall 2009, class #2 Genus of extinct hominids closely related to the human genus Homo Australopithecus 4.2 2.5 mya We know the most about Australopithecus afarensis (4.2 3.5 mya) Characteristics of Australopithecus Bipedal Brain size like modern great apes Large teeth Relatively small canines Flat noses Fast growth rates chimpanzee A. afarensis human 6 IB35ac fall 2009, class #2 chimpanzee human chimpanzee Australopithecus human A. afarensis Key Events... Bipedal Loss of honing complex Reduced canine dimorphism Regular use of modified stone tools Regular use of animal carcasses First relative brain enlargement First major dispersal event (diaspora) 6.0 mya 6.0 mya 3.5 mya 2.6 mya 26 2.5 mya 2.0 mya 2.0 mya Laetoli, Tanzania 3.6 million years ago 7...
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