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Can God command evil

Can God command evil - A great example of this is given in...

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Steven Seage Professor Dobson 4/2/08 Can God Command Evil to Be Good? I think that God can command evil to be good. Considering that God is omnipotent and wholly good, it is possible for him to be in control of evil for it to have a greater purpose. Since God is omnipotent, he knows that if he allows evil in some situations, then from that evil good can come of it. Furthermore, since he wants a good outcome, we can still say that he is wholly good.
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Unformatted text preview: A great example of this is given in the bible with Abraham and Isaac. God commanded that Abraham take his son to the top of a mountain and kill him. This of course seems like a great evil. However, when Abraham and Isaac reach the summit God provided a lamb to sacrifice instead. It is said that God rewarded Abraham for his faith and trust in God. This is a great example of how something seemingly bad can actually be used to teach a lesson....
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