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CS259 Database Applications Assignment 5 1. Explain how entities are transformed into tables. a. Tables are designed for each entity and given the name of that entity. (pg. 232) b. Make the primary key of the relation the identifier of the entity. (pg. 232) c. Create a column in the relation for each attribute in the entity. (pg. 232) d. Apply the normalization process. (pg. 232) 2. Explain how attributes are transformed into columns. First a table is defined; next the entities attributes are placed within it as columns in the relation. (pg. 233) 3. What is denormalization? Denormalization is the action of leaving categories of data together when the benefit of not normalizing outweighs the possible problems that could be caused by modification problems. Denormalized tables will have insert, update, and deletion problems. (pg. 263) 4. Explain how the representation of weak entities differs from the representation of strong entities. Strong entities are represented using the standard steps for transforming a data model into a database design.
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