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Unformatted text preview: tutoring can be obtained from Mrs. Peggy Smith, in HL 448, and on the class‘ BlueLine site. ,3, _ As additional study aids, each lecture will be recorded using a system called BlueCast, which will audio—record the lecture simultaneously with a video of the PowerPoint slides. Each day's recording (if all goes well!) will be available to you on the class‘ BlueLine site (details will be provided in class). We will do the best we can, but cannot promise a perfect recording every day; please use these recordings only as a supplement, and not as a substitute for careful attention during lecture. You are welcome to audio-record the lectures yourself if you prefer. The PowerPoint sets from lecture will also be posted on the course's BlueLine site. Also on the BlueLine site will be found PDF files of the lecture exams from 2009 and 2010; most smdents have found these previous years' exams to be very useful study aids for the current years' exams. Please do not hesitate to seek me out if you would like additional assistance. This course is my highest priority and you should not worry about interrupting “something more important”. Do not hesitate to contact me during my office hours (which will be posted on BlueLine) or, by arrangement, at other times. My e—mail address and phone number are given at the top of this handout, and I particularly encourage you to send me questions and concerns via email. STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES In keeping with the high standards of a Jesuit university, students in Bio 21 2 are expected to adhere to the letter and the spirit of the Creighton University and Creighton College of Arts and Sciences policies on academic honesty. The University policy is presented in the University Bulletin and Student Handbook. The College of Arts and Sciences policies and procedures regarding cases of academic dishonesty may be found at https://www2.creighton.edu/fileadmin/user/CCAS/docs/acadhonestyhtml. Students violating that policy on any exam or other assignment will automatically receive a grade of zero for that exam or assignment. Also present in the University Bulletin is a description of the procedures to be followed by a student who wishes to appeal a grade. That has never happened yet for my offerings of Biology 212, but you should be aware of that right. I promise to treat you all with absolute fairness and to keep student/instructor relations amicable. To assist, please consider the effects of your behavior not only on yourself but also on your classmates and instructors. My view is that faculty and students are involved in a cooperative learning experience, and I hope you share that perspective. I will do whatever i can to help you as you learn biology and will treat you with the respect you deserve; in return, I hope you will respect my efforts to make this the best possible class for you. Please come to class prepared to engage in such a collective, mutually respectful learning experience. EXAMS AND OTHER GRADE COMPONENTS There will be three lecture exams and the final exam. Exams other than the final exam are on the Monday afternoon dates given in the lecture schedule (at 4:30 P. M.), while the final exam is at the regularly scheduled time for a course meeting when this lecture does. The non- final lecture exams will be worth 70 points each, and will contain questions over the lectures themselves, specifically-assigned textbook pages, and (on the first exam) an essay distributed ...
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