C++_overview - CSE 332 C overview Intro to CSE 332 • This...

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Unformatted text preview: CSE 332: C++ overview Intro to CSE 332 • This semester continues a new approach to CSE 332 – Studio more than lecture based (NSF CPATH project) – Active guided exploration rather than passive absorption • Key insight: different people learn in different ways – Our goal is to make many resources available to you – Your goal should be to engage those resources actively • Shift in the professor’s role – Emphasis on guidance, coaching, discussion • Shift in the student’s role – Emphasis on exploration, peer interaction, teamwork CSE 332: C++ overview C++ Language and Paradigms • The course focuses a lot on C++ – But also on general programming issues it raises • C++ is a multi-paradigm language – Procedural programming with functions – Object-oriented programming with classes – Generic programming with templates, typedefs – New course structure lets us explore these in parallel • Comparison to C – Gives higher-level features, keeps low-level feel • Comparison to Java – Many similar ideas but with different nuances • References/pointers, inheritance, access restrictions – Gives a less abstract view of the underlying platform CSE 332: C++...
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C++_overview - CSE 332 C overview Intro to CSE 332 • This...

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