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MIT Sloan School of Management J. Wang 15.407 E52-456 Fall 2003 Trading Game Instructions and Tips This is a step by step instruction sheet for how you should enter trades for the 15.407 Trading Game: 1. Login to your account with you pre-specified user id and password. Only 1 team member can login at a time, otherwise your trades will not register correctly. You may find it useful to designate 1 team member as “the trader” to avoid confusion. The website for 15.407 access to the game is: Please consult your TA for your assigned user ID and password. You may change your password via the password change function later on, but make sure you remember the new password and communicate it to your team. 2. Click on the “Enter/Change Trades” link for the account you wish to trade for, either your Equity or Fixed Income portfolio. For example, on the first Trading Game project, you will only need to trade Fixed Income securities. 3. Using your mouse to maneuver about the page, enter your trades. Keep in mind that you must trade fixed income securities in increments of $10,000 par value and equities in increments of 100 shares. Any excess positive cash balance will earn the rate of interest implied by the on the run 3 month treasury security. Any negative balance (if you used leverage) will cost you 10% per week . Keep this cost in mind if you plan to use leverage . . . it is an exaggerated reminder of the risks involved with using leverage. 4. Make sure you click on the “Submit Trades” button after you finish your trades. If you get an error message, it means you are estimated to go beyond the allowed leverage or you have some error in your trades. Go back and fix them until you can submit your trades. 5. Go back to the “Enter/Change Trades” page, and print out a copy . You must provide this copy of your trades and positions when you feel there has been a bug or error in the trading game. Without this dated printout, we will not adjust your positions. Keep in mind that we do have a record of the times you enter trades in our database.
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6. If you decide later in the week to amend your trades, simply follow the instructions 1-5 again. You will be able to see the last trades you entered and amend your trades on the “Enter/Change Trades” page. 7. Trade execution will be based on the closing prices on the day of trade execution.
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tradeinfo - MIT Sloan School of Management J Wang E52-456...

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