MGT 210 Week 1 Checkpoint

MGT 210 Week 1 Checkpoint - well-respected by the union...

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CheckPoint: Incident 1-1: Promotion into Supervision Cathy Bandelow Supervision and Leadership/MGT 210 December 14, 2010 Debra Hall
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Personally, I do believe Roy would be a good supervisor. He possesses qualities which are necessary in the role of a supervisor. Roy has been employed by Rebco Manufacturing for 15 years. Roy has the experience and longevity of working with Rebco Manufacturing. Many companies do benefit from promoting from within. Other employees tend to look more favorably on a supervisor who they have worked along side. Roy has mastered the abilities of planning and organizing. Roy was a key figure in organizing a union within Rebco Manufacturing. Roy assisted in establishing the union and was thenceforth elected as the union’s President for the first three years. He stayed involved with the union in different capacities after his term as President was completed. A couple of years ago, Roy was re-elected as President of the union once again. Roy is
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Unformatted text preview: well-respected by the union members and the management team (Hill M 2004). Bill Lindsay, the Plant Manager, said “a good supervisor just needs to know how to handle people” (Hill, M. 2004.Ch 1. Pg 15. Para 5).Those words are true to a certain extent. Bill Lindsay should have stated that a good supervisor needs to be able to talk with and employee and not to an employee. Roy seems to have this talent, as he is well-respected by both parties, management and employees. Roy has the skills of organizing and planning and any employee working under his authority will benefit from these skills. Roy will need to stay true to himself. He has proven his abilities to lead a team by fulfilling the role as the President of the union. I believe a majority of employees will accept Roy as their supervisor. References Hill M. (2004) Foundations of Supervision. 8 th ed. Phoenix, AZ. The McGraw-Hill Companies...
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MGT 210 Week 1 Checkpoint - well-respected by the union...

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