Work Team Concept - Respect for each individuals thoughts...

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Running head: CHECKPOINT: WORK TEAM CONCEPTS 1 CheckPoint: Work Team Concepts Cathy Bandelow Leadership and Supervision/MGT 210 01/19/2011 Debra Hall
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CHECKPOINT: WORK TEAM CONCEPTS 2 CheckPoint: Work Team Concepts Several different topics regarding work team concepts have been talked about in this week’s discussion. Several classmates discussed at length the concept of respecting the informal leader of a group. A difficult situation may be presented with the animosity between individuals of a group and the informal leader, especially if the leader is a fellow employee. Occasionally, a team member may try and take advantage of a so-called friendship with a leader. This can lead to the undermining of the informal leader’s authority, which is detrimental to the teams efforts.
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Unformatted text preview: Respect for each individuals thoughts should be shown on both sides; the leaders and the other team members. Each member of the team needs to participate in the discussion. Each member needs to express their opinions or views. A debate does not need to take place, but a thorough discussion needs to happen. A strong team leader needs to have the ability to maintain the flow of conversation to ensure a productive discussion. Each team member needs to feel that they are a part of the team, not just a supporting cast member. Camaraderie amongst fellow employees one may say....
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Work Team Concept - Respect for each individuals thoughts...

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