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Chapter 3 discussion - Observational Conditioning Young...

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Classical Conditioning When a gun is fired in a public place, people begin to run, scream, and panic.  When the music in a movie becomes "dark" and "scary", eluding to something bad/scary, I cover my eyes. Operant Conditioning When I do something wrong (back talk my parents or make a bad grade), my car is taken away…I don’t do that again.  When I receive straight A’s, my parents pay for gas…I try harder to make A’s.
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Unformatted text preview: Observational Conditioning Young kids play violent videos games with the “good guys” killing the bad things, they admire the good guys and strive to be like them. The young kids become violent. An older sibling is praised for an A at school, the parents praise him. The younger sibling tries to receive an A so they can be praised....
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