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discussion chapter 7

discussion chapter 7 - Personally stores that have shiny...

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Humans have a well developed sense of vision compared to that of dogs because of the way each species evolved. For dogs, a four legged animal that is quite close to the ground, sight would not give them advantage when trying to hunt or find a mate. If grasses were too high they could only see what’s right in front of them. Because of this their sense of sight was not as important as their sense of smell. Also with a heightened sense of smell, dogs can mark their territory, find mates that are in heat, and easily find prey. As for humans, we are bi-pedal beings, meaning that we can see a further distance than dogs. Having this advantage, sight would be more important than smell. So again our sense of sight developed better than our sense of smell. With our vision as good as it is, we can see far in the distance and see possible threats easier.
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Unformatted text preview: Personally stores that have shiny, bright, flashing advertisements draw my attention. Depending on the location of the store would depend on how they should decorate. A general rule of thumb is to catch the customers’ eye. If a small mom and pop store had just opened in a large city such as New York City, flashing lights might not be a good idea considering that’s what every store has. If it sticks out of the normal, then their store would have a better chance at attracting attention. A way a store could better attract customers is to appeal to a different sense than normal. Many people have become accustomed to flashing lights, but adding noises along with the lights would provide something new that would be noticed. Another sense to appeal to would be smell. Many times have I walked by a store and walked in because it smelled good....
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