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discussion chapter 11

discussion chapter 11 - they told me what to do I did not...

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A time when I conformed to the wishes of someone else was when I the drum major of the high school marching  band. I had my own opinions on how the band should run and what sort of punishments should be in place, the other  drum major did not agree with me. Even though I was the head drum major, I respected the assistant drum majors  thoughts and changed mine so we would be able to work together without conflict.  If I didn’t conform to her wishes  we would of engaged in many arguments over small things, taking away our time from the band and limiting what we  could do for the band.  Another example also has to do with being drum major of the band. I was getting several complaints from students in  the band about some student leaders. Seeing how I was a student of the band I did not want to try and fix anything  because I was one of their peers and someone might not feel like I was being fair. I went to the band directors and 
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Unformatted text preview: they told me what to do. I did not agree with their plan of action whatsoever but I went through with it anyways because they were a higher authority than I was. Now that I look back at it, I realize that the directors made a just choice and if I hadn’t gone through with what they said, many band members would criticize my role as a leader of the band. Ashley Gates-I love the both of your examples! My friend also asked me to join debate but I always already in band which consumed much of my time. I must say joining debate was well worth the sacrifice of time! And as for the work situation, I was a lifeguard at Schlitterbahn and my lead that day had told me to go on trash duty even though I was one of the top lifeguards. I didn't agree with her, but I did it anyways. :)...
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