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One of my friends suffers from dyslexia. Her case is more severe and can rarely make out words. She moved to a  specialized school with other severely dyslexic children to help her learn better than she would in a normal school.  She can’t make out many words when written on a paper, but if she is read something out loud she can better  understand it. If she has a colored transparent sheet to put over the words, that helps her. I’m not too sure how that 
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Unformatted text preview: works though. She has tried to explain what she sees to me but I don’t fully comprehend what she is trying to tell me. Bailey Shepard- I can relate to your mother. Although my worry about germs is very minimal, I do organize anything I can get my hands on. My closet is organized by colors in order of the rainbow. Then in each color I organize the shirts by sleeve length. All my friends joke that I do nothing but clean and organize....
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