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discussion chapter 14

discussion chapter 14 - school I barely have time to sleep...

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My parents have always pressured me to get good grades. If I ever got below a 95 in a class, I would be grounded. After taking 5 AP classes and 3 college classes this past year I didn't meet their standards, so I was almost always grounded. I understand why they want me to succeed, but sometimes I wish they would realize how much I have on my plate and just chill. Another stressful aspect of my life is band. For those who are or have been in band at some point in your life, you might understand why. I happen to be the head drum major and the uniform manager for my band this year. Both jobs require massive amounts of time and attention to detail. So between band and
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Unformatted text preview: school, I barely have time to sleep. To reduce my stress I could talk to my parents about their goals for me. For band I could ask some other people to try and help me out, or give them a job to do so I have less on my plate. I can relate to you in everything you have mentioned. I played select basketball for 10 years and I would always get myself worried about silly things. My freshman year in high school I joined close to 10 clubs and tried to be superwomen. And as for academics I definitely know where you are coming from....
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