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Disscussion Chapter 4

Disscussion Chapter 4 - allowed we constantly have to be...

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I'd also like to state that I'm not trying to spark any arguments with my response, this is just simply my opinion on the  topic given, please respect it.  If I had a good memory while christ was alive, I'd write down accurate records of what he did and how he did it.  Considering many people looked at the king for their "higher power" they did not see jesus as a prophet. Knowing my  beliefs now, I would report jesus to my king. Depending on the timing of my actions this could possibly alter the  christianity we know today. I would not pass down my knowledge to my children and would not do anything with the  information I had seen or learned while jesus was alive. As a member of my high school marching band, memory comes into play a lot. During rehearsal talking is not 
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Unformatted text preview: allowed, we constantly have to be focused on our spots and the music. With distractions memorizing our spots and music would be a difficult and time consuming task. If you are sitting in a lecture but are not interested in what the teacher has to say, remembering the information given will also be a tough task. Chances are if you aren’t interested you’ll become distracted, so that’s a double whammy when it comes to remembering what was said. Another factor in remembering would be how you felt at the time. If something makes you happy then you’ll most likely remember because you’ll be interested and not distracted. With factors like distractions, your interest on the matter, and emotions in place, some memories will be recalled easier than others....
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