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disscussion chapter 9

disscussion chapter 9 - do you hear any women bragging...

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There are many factors that affect the outcome of one’s personality. A couple of these factors could possibly be culture, their environment they grew up in, genetics, and different stimuli in their environment. Depending on how these factors influence the person, people will differ in how they show emotion. A child with parents who provide a positive and supportive environment might have a child that grows up to show a lot of emotion, whereas a child that was told emotion was a sign of weakness would be less likely to show emotion later on in life. You always hear stories of guys who will brag about who they just had sex with last night, but very rarely
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Unformatted text preview: do you hear any women bragging about such things. With that in mind, one can infer that men see sex as a sport so to say. For example, the male will usually dominate during intercourse, trying to please the women in hope that she won’t tell her friends he wasn’t good enough. He will go brag to his friends almost trying to compete with them on who can get the best mate. Knowing that women tend to be more emotional than men, women will view sex as a act of showing their love or feelings toward someone....
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