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disscussion chapter 10

disscussion chapter 10 - phones instead of being able to do...

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When you take a look back on history many pictures come up. One idea that someone might likely think of is two men sitting on a porch having a face to face conversation. Now a day the majority of people have conversations over facebook, cell phones, email, or some other source of technology. We have essentially become dependent on technology, isolating ourselves from social interactions. In the past social interaction was all that existed, they didn’t text someone and ask if they wanted to meet up for coffee. Another affect of technology is the ease of doing things, making us rely on computers, GPS’s, and
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Unformatted text preview: phones instead of being able to do it without the assistance of technology. Considering personality is shaped by different influences and events that occur in one’s life, a single event can change someone’s personality. A friend of mine had to experience the death of both of her parents. Before this event she was a very lively, joyful person, always the life of the party. After this tragic event happened, she soon become very depressed and looked as if she had nothing left in her. So using this as an example, an event can change someone’s personality....
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