exam 8 - 1. The bureaucracy is supposed to: make policies...

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1. The bureaucracy is supposed to: make policies that civil servants  think are necessary. operate only on partisan standards of  action. execute policies made by Congress  and the President. spend a lot of money doing jobs it  decides to do. Score: 1 of 1 2. Independent regulatory boards and commissions are supposed to be "independent" of: political action committees. partisan influences. nonpartisan influences. judicial influences. Score: 1 of 1 3. Federal bureaucracies may perform many different functions. The function that involves focusing on a specific region of the  country is called a ___________ function. regional clientele None of the others law making
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Score: 1 of 1 4. Bureaucrats in the United States: function independently from both  Congress and the president. are employees of the executive branch and  therefore largely immune from  congressional influence. serve under Congress, which is under a  constitutional mandate to "faithfully  execute" the laws. must serve two masters—the President and  Congress—because the Constitutions  separation of powers principle gives both 
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exam 8 - 1. The bureaucracy is supposed to: make policies...

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